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Re: Day 18 of no poop and starting to get antsy

Originally Posted by ~happy2Bamommy~ View Post
I'd take her to a chiropractor.

Doctor told me that not pooping for 10+ days was normal for a breast fed baby. I didn't think it was. When we hit 15 days, I went with my gut. One trip to the chiropractor and DS was pooping a lot. A whole lot. Enough that my husband made the comment once about asking if the adjustment could be undone

Our chiropractor explained to me what was going on.Said it is very common in little ones due to birth. I've now sent a few adult friends to him that do not have normal functioning bowels and he has helped a few of them.

It made a huge difference for my son. I took a total of three adjustments for things to stay in place. He hasn't had trouble with his bowels since. He is 6 now.
I will definitely look into this! Thank you for the advice. Are there chiropractors specific to babies or no?

Originally Posted by lilannies mama View Post
How often are you doing the qtip method? My dd has the same issue since birth & she's 18 months now & just starting not to have as much of a problem. Our pedi told us to put Vaseline on the qtip & do it 3 times a day. Increase juices & fruits but yours is to young for the fruits. Also do her legs like she's on a bike & massage her belly. There is one time she went so long the dr finally agreed on a suppository & it only takes a teeny bit of one. Maybe something will help that's just some things that seemed to work in our case. Maybe she will go soon.
We've been doing it once first thing in the am and once in the evening. I'm really hoping she goes soon. She's really content though and just as happy as always, so at least I know it's not hurting her at all yet. I've never wished so much for poop in my life.
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