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Re: Day 18 of no poop and starting to get antsy

Originally Posted by KLeeCW View Post
I will definitely look into this! Thank you for the advice. Are there chiropractors specific to babies or no?

We've been doing it once first thing in the am and once in the evening. I'm really hoping she goes soon. She's really content though and just as happy as always, so at least I know it's not hurting her at all yet. I've never wished so much for poop in my life.
Call and ask them. Our family actually uses two different chiropractors. One of which I would NOT trust with my younger children (he uses more force whereas the one my kids see is incredibly gentle.)

I know that the chiropractor my kids use has asked me a few times if I mind letting a parent watch an adjustment. I don't mind something like that a bit! I actually really like to do this so parents can see just how gentle ours is and how much my kids love it. If you do find one that says they see children, ask them if something like that is a possibility. I woudl not just walk in to any old chiropractor that did not come recommended by a friend or one that would not allow me to watch an adjustment on a child.

I know that mine actually has me hold my infant on my chest while he checks them. He isn't jerking them at all. He uses only his thumbs and a finger to kind of wiggle the areas that need to be adjusted. After realizing how much he helped my now 6 year old, my last two kids saw the chiropractor the same week they were born. Our first trip out of the house has been to the chiropractor

Oh, he also REALLY helped the ears of another child when our doctor had been unable to. We had been to the doctor multiple times. Ears were still in rough shape. Went to chiropractor. The next day at the doctors visit they said the meds must have had a delayed response. I said "Um, I think it was the chiropractor visit yesterday because he stopped crying and slept right after that adjustment." FWIW, the adjustment on ears DID make my child cry. It is the only time one has ever cried there though.
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