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Re: Is there hope for the hope chest?

Definitely keep it, but also keep in mind that it may just be her personality...she may just be very independent in that regard. I know I am! I get a lot of satisfaction from buying my own things. I always have, even back to the time I was 6 and would buy books with my tooth fairy money

In the meantime, I would say that you should only buy things that are very hard to come by, like vintage pyrex or little things that you just know she'll love (for me, it's anything shaped like a cat). What I would suggest is setting aside a little money from time to time. When she is getting to the point of graduating high school, you should have a nice little bit saved and you two will be able to shop together. The six months prior to me moving out, my mom and I had a date once a week. We would go out to lunch, to the movies and then to places like TJ Maxx to get household stuff. It was great!
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