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Re: When would you put your kids in counseling?

I would. Your family has been through a lot

I also think that your son might be playing/pitting you guys against each other to his advantage. It sounds like he may have been aware that if he threw a fit when your DH told him no, you would end up comforting him and giving him his way. If he throws the "nobody loves me" out there when he is upset, I'd calmly remind him that he is loved but that he will not be getting his way anymore when he uses that.Then stick to it.

He also may be well aware of some of what you and your DH are going through and that may be upsetting to him.

Please do not take this the wrong way (I really care a lot about you and have hurt deeply for you guys) but if your son has realized that he can use you to get his way when he is upset at something he has been told to do (or not to do!) by your husband, he will continue to use that and it may in some ways drive a deeper wedge between you and your DH.

It really sounds like more is involved in all this then your DS just wanting to sleep on the couch
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