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Re: The spanking debate.

Originally Posted by ~happy2Bamommy~ View Post
I know you said you don't think your parents were abusive but I really do think what you described is physical ( slapping you in the face) and mental/emotional (threatening bodily harm) abuse

Kids do disobey. (I actually think they should disobey!) but how we respond to them is up to us. I have a friend that discussed having the same type of fear you did. It is a very valid fear I think. I'll tell you what I told her, take a class or two (or three!) on parenting. They are often free and you really will come away feeling recharged and more in control of your own emotions/ reactions when a child disobeys. I'm sure you will do what is best for your child. Just realizing that you have a fear (done!) and taking steps to put those fears to rest will be a great thing for you. Your post on this site really convey that you are an excellent mama! (as best I can tell in cyberland anyway lol)
I welled up when I read your response. Thank you so much for your kindness .
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