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Originally Posted by coffeemama
Napua-I totally agree on the outside part. We had an outside dog for many years and I hated the fact that he was outside but after many attempts to convert him to a house dog he just wasn't happy. After Rocky passed away I swore off doing that again and we ripped down the kennel. I am sure it is manageable for some but for us he didn't get the attention he deserved being outside all of the time .
Dogs are pack animals, ya know? So I think many people would have a hard time giving them the amount of attention they deserve if they are outside all the time.

My parents have the sweetest beagle and she loves to be outside. They live on 40 acres but she tends to stay right by the house on one of their decks...soaking up the sun. She still comes in and out throughout the day and sleeps inside every night. It's the perfect solution for them. I live in an apartment on a military base so my boy can't be outside without me. Good thing he's so laid back, lol.
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