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Re: Breastfeeding Supplies ~ Recommendations Please!!!

Definitely the lanisoh. Both my girls were kinda rough on me the first few weeks, and lanisoh saved my nipples and my sanity. I also liked booby tubes for pain relief between feedings, and can help if you get engorged, have plugged ducts etc. I don't use them now, but they were a godsend early on. Milkies milk saver is something I'd recommend too, along with some milk storage bags for the freezer - I like to keep a small stash in case I get sick or something and can't nurse. The milkies let me easily create a stash, as it caught milk on the non-nursing side that would otherwise have just been absorbed into a nursing pad, and over the course of a day or two of saving a half oz here and there, you end up with a 4 oz bag for the freezer. A pump is not a bad idea - a hand pump is fine for occasional pumping. My wrists won't tolerate pumping for any length of time, so I went with a single electric, the medela swing. I don't use it hardly at all now, but it got some use early on and will get more when I go back to work in a few months.

Oh yeah, definitely breast pads. I leak like CRAZY, or did for the first several months. When you nurse early on, you leak like mad on the other side. You'll also leak at the drop of a hat even when not nursing. It does seem to even out, I rarely need breastpads now that my nursling is 8 months old, but I wore bras and breastpads around the clock for the first 5-6 months. I leaked so much that the cloth ones wouldn't hold me.

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