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Originally Posted by mom2LBJ View Post

exactly. If you don't want dog hair, then don't get a dog. All dogs shed, period. You may not notice it as much due to color, length or thickness, but there will be shedding. Also, just because a dog has short hair doesn't mean it wont shed as much as those with a thicker longer coat. I have a weimaraner that has a silky short thin coat that doesnt have a fluffy down coat (like a Labrador, short hair, but yet thick coat). She sheds, and sheds and sheds. I vacuum more small silver eyelash sized weimaraer hair more than I have to the darker black doberman hair!

Dobermans are not bully breeds. The term "bully breeds" was initially used to refer to all dogs that were bred for the purpose of bull baiting. They're only associated with other bully breeds as being added to the "bad list" of common aggressive dogs (out of ignorance) but are not a bully breed. Like the chow chow and dalmatian, not bully breeds, but are listed with most BSL along with most bully breeds.
Yes. Technically you are right. They are not bully breeds but seen as tough bully dogs. The OP didn't ask for bully breeds because if she had we could have recommended breeds like pug or Boston terrier. She asked for large tough dogs. She even asked about danes so I thought I would throw Doberman out there. Everyone else made this a bully breed thread by talking about all the bull and bull descendent breeds.

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