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Re: Enable me...Boxers,Danes,Pitbulls,Bulldogs,etc

GET A PITTIE!!! I know so many people fear them and they get a bad rap but they are AMAZING dogs!!! I have one who is now almost 10 years old. I rescued her 7 years ago having no idea how she would be around kids. At the time I had 2 cats at home so I asked them to bring her in the cat room to see if she showed aggression. She walked in and promptly put her tail between her legs and ran away.

Once I got her home, she honestly thought she was a cat...complete with trying to lay on the back of the couch on top like the cats!

She is the biggest sweetheart, loves everyone. My son is now just over 2 and she adores him and is VERY patient. She allows him to climb all over her and frequently when she is laying in her dog bed, he will go lay with her and they cuddle. Its so sweet. She has also been amazingly sweet with my neice and nephew since their births and they are now 7 and 5.

She can be a little over excited and playful, but that's not a bad thing. My biggest complaint is she follows DS around when he has a snack hoping he drops something, but what dog doesnt? I have read tons of articles saying they make wonderful family pets and I would have 10 if I had the time

Please adopt if you get one! Frequently the pitbulls dont get adopted due to their reputations

Here are some pics of my baby Mia and DS

P.S I also grew up with Boxers and they are also great with kids
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