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Re: Toddlers on a leash

Originally Posted by Joyful Tie Dyes View Post
Just HAD to go straight there didn't you? :eyeroll:

I have used a leash. I don't lead or drag my child with it. He never minded it at all, in fact he PREFERRED it to being worn. Personally I think using the leash showed FAR more respect for my son that forcing him to be worn or strapped into a stroller. It also kept him safe which is the point of a leash.
Well yes I "went there" because it is what I think about leashes. She asked for opinions so I stated mine.

I believe that children are brighter and more intelligent than a dog so you could teach them to obey and walk along beside you.

Honest question if you don't lead your child with it than what exactly do you do?
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