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Re: Toddlers on a leash

I think with any parenting/baby tool (such as a swing, stroller, harness, etc.) it should be used and not abuse as it fits for the parent and child.

Originally Posted by AbbieJack View Post
Honest question if you don't lead your child with it than what exactly do you do?
This is how we used it. When DD and I would be somewhere walkable but kind of crowded, she got a choice - hold my hand or walk with the harness/leash. She almost always chose the leash because holding my hand for that long made her arm numb. She felt the security that I still had her but she had freedom to walk at her own pace, bend down and check out a bug, and I knew that she couldn't wander off. She actually lead me as she was always in front. When we got to a crosswalk or boarded the subway/bus, she had to hold my hand.

It is not something that everyone likes or wants to use. Personally I'm not a big fan of strollers for many reasons, but mainly because I want my kids to walk and use up their energy rather than riding everywhere. For me, the harness/leash is a happy medium between the confines of the stroller and the comfortableness of holding my hand for long periods of time.
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