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Re: My 50 year old vagina hates me

Originally Posted by dani_p View Post
I am only 28 years old.... but I feel like I'm 50. I have (self-diagnosed) lactation induced vaginal atrophy. From what I gather, it is a fairly common, yet seldom discussed side effect of nursing. Low estrogen leads to menopause-like symptoms. Sex is bearable-ish... and sometimes enjoyable. The aftermath is NOT.

It is the WORST thing I have ever endured. Ever.

I get a bajillion micro-tears that itch like nothing I've ever experienced as they heal. Because of the itching and the involuntary scratching, they take a week or more to heal. I am up half the night in agony... crying and willing myself not to scratch. I am like a zombie all day; unable to perform even minor tasks. Sometimes even walking around the house is painful. My daughter is 13 months old and I'm not willing to force her to wean before she is ready.

Has anyone else gone through this? What has worked for you? I prefer natural or homeopathic remedies if possible.

I don't have insurance at the moment and can't really afford to see a doctor. At this point, I'm ready to avoid any sexual contact until my daughter weans... my husband, on the other hand disagrees.
It's a little bit different b/c mine isn't bf-related or hormonal...I recently had an allergic reaction to the solution they used when I had my IVF retrieval. It gave me OMGFIRECROTCH w/ itching & inflammation both internal and external. I couldn't use anything internal b/c of risk of infection, but I used a couple of things externally & woke myself up from the itching...scratching caused multiple little tears (of course). I eventually resorted to some CJ's that was up in the cabinet, leftover from CDing DD. It was like magic. It helped heal the tears, calm the itching, and life goes on.
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