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Re: Breastfeeding Supplies ~ Recommendations Please!!!

I've been nursing almost 6 years straight, longer if you count the go/stop before that time. I've nursed tandem twice during that time. I am an "extended" breastfeeder. These are the things that have proven over that time to work very well for me consistently or that I really like.

-Palmer's Nursing Cream
-I don't really like Lansinoh Lanolin, it's too goopy and sticky for me. I prefer Medela's Tender Care Lanolin if you're set on using a lanolin based cream.
-The First Years Lanolin Free Nipple Butter is another good cream (Palmer's is my top fave though)
-Willow Sprouts Hemp Nursing Pads are my FAVORITE nursing pads, ever! They worked really well even though I had over supply and over active letdown. They also hold up very well, even with constant washing.
-If disposables are more your thing the Lansinoh disposable pads have worked the best out of all other disposables.
-I had really bad luck with nursing bras, I actually just wore bigger regular bras and popped my boob out. I really like the nursing cams from Glamourmom.
-The Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother's Milk was(is) my favorite lactation tea.
-I used a Boppy early on with all my nursers but not for long.
-For breast milk storage I really like the Lansinoh brand storage bags

ETA: If you're going to use a cover, splurge (or watch the Baby Steal sites) and get a Bebe au Lait, not a cheapo. You won't regret!

Oh also, Mommy Necklaces "Nourish Necklace" has been a sanity saver for busy little hands that like to pinch, smack, etc. I have the rainbow necklace and paid the extra money for the rings.
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