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Re: S/o what discipline works in YOUR family???

DS1 10.5 yo:
Structure and routine
Electronic usage dependent on behavior
Some sort of reward for doing chores-After you take out the trash you can play on your _____.
Acknowledgement of daily accomplishments (I'm talking noticing he's brushed his teeth in a timely manner)
Time in room to cool down
Giving choices
"logical consequences" ex-overspending on lunch account means he has to pack his own lunch in the mornings

DD 5.5 yo:
Sincere praise for following through with good behavior (not to be confused with "good job" praise)
The look of disapproval
Hugs and love
Talking it out
Acknowledgement of feelings

DS2 4.5 yo:
Acknowledgement of unhappiness and reason
Time in room to reset
Picking up and giving instructions nose to nose (doesn't work if I get down on his level, he has to be lifted up, but not held snuggle style)
Swift pat to the behind to dislodge stubborn streak
Limiting choices-too many overwhelms

I have learned that talking things out with my boys is counter productive. All they want to do is argue at that point and they become incapable of listening or acknowledging their poor behavior. It doesn't matter how far removed from the situation we get. They still want to tell me it wasn't their fault.
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