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Re: S/o what discipline works in YOUR family???

Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
If they abuse a toy, I try to take it away, but I find this ineffective b/c we have enough toys that they just move on to another thing. And our house is small. Trying to find a place to store a toy is harder on ME than it is on them.
We've done this before, and we only had to do it once. DS2 had a toy dart gun that he was shoving crayons in. I told him the first time, "Don't do that, you are going to break it because the crayons will get stuck, then you can't put the darts in it." A couple hours later, I caught him HIDING, doing it again. I took the gun from him, and told him I was going to give it to a kid that could appreciate it, and play with it correctly, instead of trying to break it. Called a close friend, had her come get it for her DS. About 2 weeks later, when DS had proven that he could take care of his toys, we got the gun back (her son is 13, he doesn't REALLY want it, lol), and we haven't had a problem since.
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