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Re: S/o what discipline works in YOUR family???

Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
I once, when my DD refused to clean her room, and had HOURS to do it, took all the toys, bagged them up, and made her take them to the Goodwill donation truck (I drove her there, obviously, but she had to get out and hand it to the lady). I was SO irritated with her defiance that day. I wish I could say it worked. I threaten to take her toys and she just pitches a fit. She doesn't actually CARE about losing the toys. Which makes it hard.
Oh man!! My mom did this to me when I was younger (like, 10). She told me to clean my room. I didn't. She came back up an hour later (we used to clean alllllll day on Saturdays, we all had our own chores to do), and it still wasn't done. She came back and said, "Okay, this is it. If I come back up here again, and you haven't made substantial progress, I am taking everything that is on the floor, visible, and not in it's place, putting it in a black trashbag, and taken to the garbage."

I didn't believe her. I cleaned up MAYBE three things, and then was done. She came back up about 45 minutes later, trashbags in hand (she already knew, lol), and helped me put everything in trashbags (including some of my absolute FAVORITE clothes!) Then she made me carry them down and put them by the trash outside.

What I didn't know, is that she went out later and hid them in the garage. A little while later (probably a couple of weeks) after I had proven myself with my requested "chores" on Saturdays, she gave them back. She told me that if she ever had that problem again, she really WOULD get rid of them. I believed her after that. lol

This is actually where I got the idea of the way that I parent my kids (taking toys away, giving them to someone, etc.)
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