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Re: Help please! Possible Autistic and adhd

I'm still in the process of getting a proper DX for my son but we currently have a DX of ADHD. When I first started looking into autism (they think DS may have PDD-NOS or asperger's) I bougt "The Autism Sourcebook" it is wonderful and recommends other books and websites. I also like "The Out of Sync Child" but my son also has some oral sensory issues. As for the ADHD I like they have webiners that have been very helpful and other resources listed.

As odd as it may sound I was somewhat relieved to find out he has ADHD and may have other problems because I always felt like I was failing as a parent because he acted different and could not behave. Now that I know what he issuses are I can find a solution for us instead of blaming myself or him for his behaviors. Do not allow this to define your child.

Good Luck Mama!

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