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Re: Mini Minimalist Challenge: 1/14-1/18

Originally Posted by L&MsMamma View Post
So I'm having a crazy week and the only thing I've done so far is clean out my car and boy did it need it!!!!I'm not even going to tell you how many things went into the trash because it is just embarrassing!
Yay! It must be so much nicer in there now, it's going to feel good to drive it now. Don't be embarrassed!

Originally Posted by NewMommy6111 View Post
These threads are so motivating. Thank you!
You're welcome!

Originally Posted by specialdelivery View Post
My closet: all in all I got rid of 58 items from my dresser/closet today. I have more work to do on it another day,but this is a good start.

Living room: a big pile of newspaper inserts that we can't burn in the fireplace, a blanket we don't often use, the extra couch is supposed to go tomorrow, monkey ring from a birthday party, play station thingy, 2 highlights magazines

Car: misc trash, Junky thingy from birthday party, two pair ds shoes, 2 water bottles, dd broken plastic ring, empty water cup. Also brought in the toy boxes and reorganized them.

Extra credit: cleaned the windows in the living room and dining room dining room-inside only though. It's way too cold to outside to do anything about the exterior glass.
Awesome! I can't do the outsides of our windows, either. Ours are really really old, too, so this spring we need to go and take the storm windows off and clean them inside and out. Right now I'm settling with just doing the room-sides only and giving the sills a good dusting. I did my dining room ones the other day, but I'm going to do the living room ones either today or tomorrow.
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