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Question about OB office

i've asked this before, but again-has anyone heard of an "OB RESPONSIBLITY"??? apparantly we were supposed to have paid $1000 to my OB office by the 7mo of pregnancy, and obviously we havnt, because lets be honest now...who has $1000 sitting in their back pocket? well everytime i go to check out of my appts. the receptionist asks if i have the money. no. i dont. well yesterday the billing lady called me and left me a nasty message saying that i havnt paid ANYTHING on my actual BILL which is from my u/s's, but i have put money towards that then she says i havnt put anything towards my OB responsiblity (the $1000) and she says next time i go in, which is tomorrow, she excepts me to make payments on both. HA! there's noway, sorry!!! i am under my dads insurance (thank god) and he got a VISA card which hold $900 and he is giving it to me to use towards that OB responsibility, but i cant use it until AFTER i give birth and recieve the bill. what the heck do i tell them tomorrow when i go in?
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