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Re: Question about OB office

Have you been honest with them that there is no way you are paying?? What is the insurance covering?? It is your responsibility to know and have made the best possible arrangements for payment. I have been a self-pay patient in many different situations and it can be really stressful. With baby #7 I was making regular $400 a month payments toward the birth and then was told at 29 weeks I would need to pay all of my NST's (2 times a week) as they were done...and they were charging $500 PER NST!!! So they were wanting another $1000 a WEEK on top of the regular OB care. It was considerably more than we made and I had to change practices because of it. It was thier financial policy and they made it clear that they would not be obligated to continue care if I wasn't paying regularly (and I had been up to that point...even though it came out of the grocery money)

In any case, this isn't something you should just might not be pretty, but it needs to be addressed.
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