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Delaying MMR when other vax's up to date

I know this a hot topic, I am looking for some information, factual information with links if possible, not stories. I am pro-vax and up till now my daughter has been vaxed on schedule except we didn't do rotavirus because I'm not comfortable with that virus that's in the those vaxes. I'm also waiting to do chickenpox because I don't feel it is necessary. In Ontario Heb B isn't done until the early teens. Anyway, it's been weird because we've had to reschedule her MMR shot done at age 1 three times. The first time I put emla patches on her arms and she had a reaction to them which never happened before. So we did the two other shots they do at the time (for meningitis) in her leg and made an appointment to do the MMR a month later. Then she got Roseola just before the appointment so I rescheduled. Now they've scheduled my indepth ultrasound for the same day as her MMR shot at the same time so I had to reschedule it again. I'm religious so I'm wondering if God is trying to tell me something. However, I'm not going to make a decision on possible coincidence.

Is there any benefit to delaying the MMR shot until about 2 years old while doing the other shots? What is the risk of catching any of these since I have a home daycare and am pregnant?
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