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Re: Little kids and sports

We've been doing soccer with DS since he was 3. It's basically lessons where the coaches teach them basic skills and how to be a member of a team. Sometimes they scrimmage each other. It's really laid back. Like another said, some love it, some hate it. Most boys I've met love it. Of the 75+ kids DS has played with over the past couple years, I'd say 10 didn't love it, but enjoyed it anyway and about 5 flat out hated it, sat on the turf or grass and refused to move. Usually its the girls that don't like it.

I'd enroll him in it and hope for the best. Now if it was hockey, I'd say skip out until he shows an intense interest. DS did it when he was 4, THAT was a waste of money and Sunday mornings (7am ice time ).

ETA: Just to clarify, I didn't mean girls in general don't like it, just that the one's who end up not liking it tend to be girls in my experience. Didn't want to seem sexist lol.

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