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Re: Help please! Possible Autistic and adhd

I've been down that road. My oldest has Aspergers, ADHD, and anxiety. Just remember that the diagnosis doesn't change anything about your child, except help you get more help for them. She is exactly the same child she was yesterday. It's a scary diagnosis, and especially so if you weren't expecting it. Autism/Aspergers was first mentioned to us when my oldest was in 1st grade, by the special ed teachers at his school. It blew me away - my Mom works with autistic kids in a residential school, I had an idea in my head of what autism was, and no way could my son have that. Yup. Then I researched it, and realized he had all the major signs for Aspergers. Today I know that the diagnosis doesn't mean anything... it doesn't change him, it doesn't mean anything, except that it gets him help.

He's 11, and has started reading some of Temple Grandin's books. He looks up to her, and it's good for him to see someone who is much like himself as a role model. I've read two books by John Elder Robinson (also has Aspergers), and I found those really helpful. I'm not ready for my son to read those, yet. I've also read the out-of-sync child book. I also got a good therapist for DS. Someone he can really relate to and respect, and that helps him, too. Finding someone at school that understands him helps, too.

On medication. Medication isn't going to change the autism or the aspergers, but it can help with the adhd or the anxiety. It was a lifesaver for my son in terms of adhd. The right medication can still make a world of difference. And don't beat yourself up for missing this... i think I read that the average age a kids is diagnosed with aspergers is 8. 10 is not so far off.
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