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Re: July 2013 Chat: Jan. 9-20

Originally Posted by leviandgarettsmom View Post
With DD, I was about 10 wks when I found out I was prego so her pregnancy seemed to fly by. With DS I got my BFP about 4 days before AF was due & he was born @ 41w6d, so I felt like I was prego forever. This one REALLY seems to be taking forever. Thanks to my overly sensitive b@@bs I got my BFP exactly 9 days after DTD (right @ 3 wks). It's going to feel like a full on year by the time this LO gets here.
I have been planning for this baby since DS was born 4 years ago (though he/she was conceived in July 2007 so maybe I have been planning since then). I went back for this baby in September 2009, but got diagnosed with cancer instead. I went back again for my next child in April 2012 and did 2 transfers before taking a month break and doing this transfer on November 12, 2012. I have had a long time to get ready for this baby, but honestly with my history it really doesn't start in earnest till after 24 weeks (when I delivered my triplets).

Actually for my son, my DH was laid off when I was 30 weeks. He found a job 2 weeks later (and started it 3 days after we closed on this house... 2 weeks later), however at the time we had a stroller, a small handful of boy clothes, a convertible carseat, and a few newborn diapers. That was it. It was all left over from the triplets. I didn't start getting things for him, till DH got his next job and we moved. I basically had 4 weeks to "nest" and move. Oh and tearing out the carpet here was in there too. We took out all the carpet in the house and had wood floors exposed when DS came home.

I think what freaked me most about this is I feel like I should be more prepared this time. I don't know why. It isn't like anything can change. DS wasn't deprived AT ALL. Also I have most things I need except for a carseat and I can get that overnighted on I think I am getting mommy neurotic already!
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