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Re: Question about OB office

I have heard of this before, yes they can cancel your care over this ordeal if you do not pay IF you signed a contract. Often they work it into the fine print so you may have over looked it originally.
I would be honest with them and set up a payment plan IF you want that OB to continue seeing you. You always have the option to stop care and only go to the ER if something is wrong (not an option if you have an issue like GD or placenta previa) but if you are young and healthy and all your tests come back clean then it would be an option. You can also switch to a provider that is more willing to work with you and your finances.
We personally had to pay through the whole pregnancy to the midwife, it is $312 a month. After the birth my insurance pays ME and then I have only paid the deductible. I worked out my payment plan with her on the first visit when I was only 9 weeks along. It sucks but this is the reality of our health care system. If you cannot afford it because you are really low income there are state programs that can help, here in CA it is the same program as food stamps. I am not sure how much they will help if you already have insurance but it is worth a shot.
Good luck mama and don't ignore this, go into your appt. with some good options.
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