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Re: Clothing, how much for each memeber of family

We don't have a completely minimal wardrobe but this works for us.

My DH wears uniforms to work, so he just has 10 each of undershirts and work socks. He also has 3 pairs of jeans, three t-shirts, a pair of khakis, three polos, track pants, sweatshirt, a dozen boxers and 6 pairs of non-work socks. He has a fleece jacket, leather jacket and two work coats. He also has one pair of casual shoes, one pair of dress shoes, one pair of work boots and a pair of winter boots.

I have three long skirts, three knee length skirts, 3 pairs of pants, a dozen shirts and three cardigans. I also have a dozen pairs of socks and undies and 2 bras. I have too many shoes, about 8 pair, plus a pair of Uggs and snow boots.

For my 5yo and 3yo boys:
8 pants/shorts
10 long/short-sleeved shirts

For my 8yo DD: (Not a minimal wardrobe, but much better than before.)
Colder Months-
6 Leggings
3 Pants
20 Shirts/Tunics (15 are short-sleeved and get paired with a cardigan)
4 Cardigans
2 Work Out Clothes (for dance/twirling)

Warmer Months-
6 Skirts and Bike Shorts
3 Shorts
15 Shirts

For all the kids:
4 PJ's
12 Socks/Undies
1 each Fleece Jacket, Winter Coat and Snow Pants
2 each knit gloves, waterproof gloves and clavas
1 each Rain Boots and Snow Boots

DD has two pair of Uggs, one pair of sneakers and one pair of maryjanes.
DS1 has one pair of Pumas. (He won't wear dress shoes.)
DS2 has a pair of Merrell's and a pair of Sperry's.
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