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Re: Toddler prefers dad

I'm going through the opposite. DD2 is in a mommy 24/7 phase. She tolerates daddy, but wants mommy if I'm in the room and isn't happy with daddy very much. She'll go to no one else but mommy or daddy, and really obviously prefers mommy. It's a phase, and they all go through phases like that. DD1 went through a phase where she was terrified of MIL and Aunt C. The only reason I could ever figure out was they both had kinda wild and crazy white hair going on. But she'd throw an epic fit, crying to the point of hyperventilation and I'd have to whisk her out of the room to calm her down, and then slowly reintroduce her. She eventually grew out of it. He'll be back to happily snuggling you soon mama.
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