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That is good to hear. He kind of goes in and out of this. I'm preg and probably haven't been as much fun since daddy will wrestle and roughhouse with him constantly. I feel like he really spoils him- does whatever he asks, feeds him whatever he wants. I just don't believe in letting a toddler run the house. Tonight DH picked DS up from daycare and he wouldn't let me hug him or play with him at all. We finally got to just sitting together on the couch and DH came and picked him up. Drives me nuts he won't help me. I suppose maybe this is a blessing in disguise for when new baby comes. I also worry some of this stems from me having to exclusively pump for the first three months because he couldn't latch. DH always got to feed him because I was constantly cleaning pump parts or pumping. Also I had a c-section and couldn't hold him as much the first few days and DH never put him down. I feel bitter and cheated out of being a mommy.
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