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Re: Toddler prefers dad

I feel you! DBF travels for work and is gone a lot. When he is home DS could care less about me even though I do EVERYTHING with and for him. DBF really babies him though, bc I think he feels guilty about being gone a lot, where as we have a routine and rules bc if not I would go mad. DS will even tell me he "isn't tAlking to me right now" when DBF is home. He is 2.5 and I know it's bc he misses him so much and they play differently then I do but it still stinks. His attitude is like night and day toward me depending on if DBF is home. He won't let me do ANYTHING for him, get him dressed, get him food, put him for a nap, snuggle, etc when DBF is around. Sometimes he even says grumpy mean things to me. DBF is really good about telling him that he can love us both equally and that he needs to treat me nicely no matter who is home. I can't wait for this stage to end!
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