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Re: Toddler prefers dad

My toddler LOVES daddy so much and generally prefers dad to read the book if he is around or dad to comfort him when he's crying, etc... But there are times when he still prefers me and that's nice too. It is really special to me that they have such a bond though, because my partner has a child from a previous relationship and his ex is extremely jealous and controlling of the relationship he has with their child (it's called parental alienation, when one parent purposely turns a child against their other parent after splitting up). She has spent so much energy lying and trying to destroy their relationship over the years, getting angry if their son talks about his dad, calls his dad, eavesdrops on their phone calls, etc.. He is such a great father and it has been extremely painful to watch what has been done to him and his son over the years. Unfortunately there isn't much of relationship left with that child, it is hanging by a thread at this point. Their son is now 13 and I have watched the father/son relationship deteriorate slowly and gradually over the past 6 years as she lies and uses her child as a pawn to take away to get back at my partner.

So I am really thankful that he is able to have such a loving relationship with our son. He is a father before anything else. I'm sure I wouldn't look at it this way if I hadn't lived in these circumstances, but really I am so happy to see them having such a great time together. And I make sure to tell our toddler he has such a nice dad, too.

And I agree with other posters that the dad is the more fun one. They aren't the ones making sure kids have their naps and eat their meals and doing most of the discipline since they are gone more.
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