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Birthday brag

I just wanted to share with someone who understands. My son who has autism turned 6 today. The majority of his birthdays so far have seemed almost like torture to him. Yes he would get to do something fun and eat his favorite cake, but he would scream and cry during "happy birthday", for a couple years if you even said "happy birthday" he would lose it. And of course if there were too many people or too much noise he would be hiding or screaming (or both).
Well this year he has been looking forward to his birthday. We did not have a big party, but when he went to see his grandparents he opened his pressents and even said thank you. And the biggest thing for me, we lit the candles, sang "happy birthday" while he was grinning ear to ear, and then he blew out all 6 candles. A few years ago I could only pray we would get here one day! Thanks for listening, I just wanted to share with people who "get it", I'm still just elated!

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