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Re: HS Check in. Jan 14-Jan 31

Schoolwork was done by the older two, but I admit I didn't check it, so I don't know how well they did on any of it. lol We did make clouds in a jar for DS's science, though, and they watched a Netflix video about animals that defy evolution, so I know science was covered. Didn't do a thing with YDD as far as schooling goes. Oh well. She's 5 and probably ahead anyway, so missing a day won't hurt her.

Tomorrow I really need to sit and make sure everything was correct from today before we move on. Especially for ODD's math. She's into pre-algebra now and I've heard several people say Math-U-See doesn't have enough practice in the higher grades, so I want to keep on top of it to make sure she's really understanding. She's just 7th grade, so if I need to switch, now would be a good time to do so -- early enough that she can get used to a new curriculum before the higher, harder maths.

We also have Friday lunch at church and we're moving books around. DH built me a new bookshelf to replace the short one in the living room, which is going to be moved into DS's room, so maybe he can actually put things away.
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