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I tried at 22 months with DD and after 36 hours of misery, we gave up! At 25 months she had surgery, and was out on some intense medications for 6 months. During that six months DS was born. She also had CRAZY pee issues with the meds, so when she was off them at 31 months we were in the process of moving! LOL. At 33 months we trained her in 4 days. She could have done it much earlier if it hadn't been for the medical issues, because really when she was 22 months she was sick already and we hadn't diagnosed her. I think you can surf these forums and feel guilty about not PTing by 24 months... Or you can look at your life and find when you will truly have the time to dedicate to the process and go for it. If you have that time at 20 months, great! If you don't have it until 38 months, don't feel bad! PTing is a time consuming and often emotional time.
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