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Well I guess I have to explain my financial situation so people will stop jumping down my throat. I don't work, DH makes $11 at a temp job, we have an $1150 month rent to pay, $200 month car payment, cell phone bill, electric bill that we are already way behind on, we just had to cancel our cable because we can't afford it and we also pay for Internet..not to mention the weekly essentials like food, gas, etc. it hasn't been that easy saving up money for this bill. It's only if I need a repeat c-section (which they know I am trying for a vbac). Plus everytime I go in I am making payments on my other OB bill granted its not much but at least im paying them something. And no we cannot get any government assistance we already tried that and Apparantly DH makes "too much" money. So our rent and car payments are a little more important to us at this time then paying on a bill that quite frankly doesn't even make sense to us. Plus like I had mentioned we have a prepaid visa card from my insurance which contains almost $1000 that we can use towards that bill, my dad just has to activate it, so we obviously plan on using that, just not sure when we can yet.
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