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Re: Supply decrease as the week progresses?

Are you getting enough sleep (for me I need at least 6 hours uninterupted most nights), drinking enough water? I know if I don't drink enough water one day or get enough sleep then my pumping amounts are a little less the next day. I get between 12 and 16oz during my 3 pumping sessions each day.

I eat a big bowl of oatmeal w/flax meal added every morning for breakfast (2c pyrex bowl) and try to refil my water glass 3 or 4 times before lunch. It is a 16oz glass.

I understand your fears. I have only made it to 6 and 7 months with the boys before I wasn't able to pump more than a few ounces at a time at work and it went down from there. I am doing everything I can so extend my nursing/pumping ablitlies this time around. Every week I don't take from my freezer stash is great. So far I am still adding to it.
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