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Right well I don't have an attitude, I am just a little frustrated I came to this forum with this thread in hopes of help or support or anyone who has been in a similiar situation. I am not asking for rude feedback like " well its your responsibility, you need to pay them, blah blah" of course I know it's my responsibly and that I need to pay them and we WILL. Not sure if anyone has read but for the 3rd time we have the money for it, I'm just not sure when we are able to pay them but don't worry that is something that I will bring up today when I go in there. I am not 12 and don't need others to tell me that I'm responsible I know this, I am a mother too. I was hoping for some encouragement or stories of others who may have been in a similiar situation. And by the way, I have talked with the office about this before, it's not like I don't communicate with them, I have told them about the prepaid card and they are well aware of that. In fact last time I checked out of their offices last week thy didn't even ask me about it. So please, everyone calm down. This is my situation and and although you are giving me your own input, it is rude and I don't appreciate it. Also the fact that I Apparantly have an attitude problem. I may be getting one now because I am getting myself worked up but unless you are talking to me face to face then it's kind of hard to tell if I have an attitude.
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