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Re: How to try to avoid ppd?

Originally Posted by lecialefty View Post
Yeah, I know it's supposed to work wonders but I don't know if I can wrap my head around it.

So far what has helped me: stopping breastfeeding and seeing a counselor.

I'm looking for other alternatives too because I really want to nurse next time around.
I only had PPD with my son's birth. I can remember feeling really disconnected from him, and angry with everyone. I can remember changing his diaper and looking at him and thinking that I didn't FEEL anything - he was just a baby to me, a baby whose diaper I was changing. ... and how terrible I was for that. I cried - a LOT - usually by myself.

With both of my daughters, I had the baby blues for a bit, but nothing really bad.

I am a tad concerned b/c I am having another boy this time, and I wonder if the hormones of boy vs girl are what caused the PPD?

Or if it was just a bad combo of the timing of our first son ----- we had just moved from HI to FL, DH found a job, then I got pg, then he lost that job, found another one, started school full time AND working full time, and I saw him maybe 3-4 hours PER WEEK, plus I then lived right near my family, which was difficult for me ----- and the disconnect I was feeling with DH at the time, combined with having a VERY high needs baby?

I don't know, but it kind of worries me. I've definitely had some gloomier than "normal" moments during this pregnancy, which made me think "uh-oh"...

This time I have been vocal with some close friends about my concerns. I have asked them to come check on me, spend time with me, give me a call, etc. in the weeks after birth. I've told a handful of them about my PPD after my first son, and asked for them to look out for me.

I plan to rest longer after giving birth this time. After all 3 of my previous babies, I was up and moving and doing things pretty much immediately. This time, I WILL rest longer. I've asked DH to make sure this happens. I asked him to dote on me and please insist that I rest.

Overall, my life is much different now, so I hope that will help, too. DH works full time but is no longer in school, and we live farther away from my family. (whom I love VERY much and am VERY close to, but just can't handle being so close to them)

Anyway, those are the things I am going to TRY. I won't eat my placenta, I won't stop BFing (I actually found BFing to help, personally), and I won't go to a counselor unless I start thinking of harming someone.... so those were the practical steps I could think of....

sorry this was so long

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