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I got it right after dd1 was born. I kept convinecing myself it was baby blues @@ even though I had a history of depression. I waited until 7mos before seeking help. I didnt feel connected to her or even wanted to be around her until she was almost 9mos old

Then dd2 came along and the first 6mos was amazing! It made me sad that that was what I missed out on with dd1. However at 6.5ish months it hit again-this time in the form of anger. Nothing worse then watching your 3yrold shake in fear from what you have done....

This time I wanted to have everything in place b/c I knew ppd would be back-not if but when. I had a lc lined up to make bfing as easy as possible, my shrink on speed dail, talked to dh and made plans so I could get some sleep and to have him make sure I ate. Then my milk didnt come in until the 5th night, ds cried all.the.time if he wasnt on the boob but wouldnt try to eat while there. We had to take him to the hospotal for blood work everyday for a wk to check biliruben levels and to have an echo done on his heart for a murmur. He lost a bunch of weight and started getting badly dyhrdrated. I broke down and gave formula(major disappointment-strike one) but ds was a changed baby! so I stuck with it hoping it would make things easier and thus keep ppd at bay for awhile Once dh went back to work I dont get much sleep(strike 2), forget to force feed myself since Im not hungry(strike 3), my grandmother died last wk(strike 4)....then this wk ds is really clingy and wont sleep for longer then 30mins at a time and thrusday we discovered he has a milk allergy. Even though I tried my best to stop it from happening right away this time thats a lot! of crap to deal with. I have an appt with my shrink to get back on meds on tuesday...

So prepare as best you can but also realize that since youve had it before you are more likely to get it again but as long as you stay on top of it and get it taken care of right away it will all be ok.
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