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Re: Question about OB office

Originally Posted by katymf View Post
Right well I don't have an attitude, I am just a little frustrated I came to this forum with this thread in hopes of help or support or anyone who has been in a similiar situation.
I think the problem is that people just don't have any other advice to give. The time for getting support or help or advice was when you were signing paperwork for your OB and working out the charges, not when the bill is coming due. If you didn't plan on paying it by the time they wanted the money, that should have been negotiated with them at that point, not at the point where it's past time to pay.

Think about it from their perspective -- it's not like you had to go in and negotiate with them to get treatment, and they didn't force you to agree to their billing methods and deadlines. But now they are having to haggle you for money you agreed to pay by a certain time. If it were me and someone I had rendered services to was saying, "I'll get you the money" over and over again, I'd be frustrated. If it was your DH's employer telling him that he didn't have the money to pay him on time, you'd be pissed, right?

I honestly think if you only wanted people to give you "advice" that was unicorns and rainbows (it'll be okay, don't worry about it, you shouldn't have to pay this charge...whatever you were looking for), DS is not the place to get that. You're mostly going to get people telling you the truth, oftentimes very bluntly. That's probably true of any large internet forum.
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