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MIL- Is Wendy getting her tubes tied? Are you?

Apparently yesterday, my MIL asked DH if I were getting a tubal after this baby (5). He said he was sure that I would not even consider it unless I ended up with another C/S and even then, he was not so sure.

So she asks, well, then are you going to get a vasectomy? DH said no, and being the guy he is went on to comment on how many more children we might have before menapause (I am 12 years older)

MIL said why would you do that to her???

It just tickled me a bit. I KNOW she didn't mean it in a busy body kind of way, but all 3 of her pregnancies and C/Ss were very difficult. All her babies came early and she had to readmitted with an infection after one. I do feel terrible that all her births were so traumatic that she views the possibility of further pregnancies as him doing something to me.

Here's the kicker for me, who never feels like she is ready to say "no more," and who thought DH wanted to be done with #5...I was secretly happy that he felt strongly about not getting a vasectomy (for a host of reasons, I think he is too young to make that decision...what if, goodness forbid, I should pass away and he meets a really wonderful woman in the future? after grieving forme desparately of course!) and that whatever children we have, we have.
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