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Re: HS Check in. Jan 14-Jan 31

Croark--yeah for a new friend! Hope the sleepover went well. We have a couple families in our church that homeschool, which is very nice. Actually, only one family in our church sends their kids to PS. The rest go to the local Christian acadamey. That makes it nice for my kiddos. I still wish we had a few more people we knew, and keep wanting to join the coop, but just haven't made time for it yet. Maybe next year.

Heather--Yeah for a great two days! So are you thinking that maybe it's his lack of confidence in reading that is giving him a bad attitude and holding him back? I know we'll all get to the fluent reading category eventually, but sometimes it's hard to keep the big picture in view when you are in the midst of things and struggling. At least it is for me. It's interesting to me to see how people do things differently and why...I specifically DON'T read the Bible reader to the kids--it seems to discourage Keegan that he just spent so long struggling with it and I can breeze through it. I do read them the story out of the Bible (we use KJV). As for how long it takes, on a good day, Rachel can get through the Bible reader in about 20 minutes the first time through, on a bad day it takes more like 45. Since Keegan has already heard it once, it ususally takes him about the same amount of time. They kind of enjoy reading it the 2nd time, because we did a graph thing for math once where we timed how long it took to read a book the first time, then the second, then the third. They LOVED seeing themselves get faster and faster. And the second time through is MUCH faster. Usually just 10 minutes each. If they end up reading it again to DH it just takes 5-10 minutes...of course by the point they've memorized most of it, but I figure it still helps reenforce, and irons out any issues if they were still struggling with a word.

As for us...We got in most of our homeschooling yesterday before my Mom came over to play with the kids. We've also got in quite a bit today, although we haven't done reading. I think we are taking a break from regular reading stuff today and read a few books and maybe review some. It seems like if we do too many days of regular reading in a row they start getting their reading rules confused. I am looking forward to Keegan's appointment next Thursday so I can find out some more stuff and hopefully get something new to work on. We also crossed the 600 hour mark this week, so I am excited about that!
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