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Re: Question about OB office

Originally Posted by klevmomma View Post
I don't think OP is looking for rainbows and unicorns. I think she is struggling with the issue of prepayment for services not yet rendered.
I was basing my take off of her last post where she said the following:

I am just a little frustrated I came to this forum with this thread in hopes of help or support or anyone who has been in a similiar situation.
I was hoping for some encouragement or stories of others who may have been in a similiar situation.
This is my situation and and although you are giving me your own input, it is rude and I don't appreciate it.
It was not clear from her OP that this was all she wanted to hear. The advice she got (from people who had similar contracts with their OBs) was blunt ("yes, this sucks, but you probably agreed to it and have to pay it") and questioning why she waited until after the money was due to try and negotiate her way into a payment plan or something similar. I can see how some of the comments about her attitude got personal, but I think in order to give any actual advice, everyone had to know more about why the situation is what it is now instead of being resolved before the payment was due.

I've learned after being on DS for awhile that if you only want support or encouragement, or if you only want to vent without getting advice, you have to be very, very specific about that in your OP and even then you can't keep people from saying what they want to say on the internet.
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