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Re: what do you allow your 8 year old to do??

Originally Posted by newbiemama View Post
i am flabbergasted at the things my BIL and SIL allow their 8 yr old to do. She's had her own digital camera since 5 (a nicer one than we have, mind you) and now she has her own cell phone and regularly texts people.

then i read some stories of 8 years olds going out on a date, entering "no getting fat" pacts with their friends, and having their own smart phones and laptops.

so, seriously... what do you allow your 8 year old to do? Do these things sound normal in your household? Or is this outrageous to you, too?
I opened this thread thinking it would be about free-range parenting, and then I read your OP and just went...

So, no. The only one of those things we allow at eight (I have a seven and a nine year old) would be the camera. My DD was allowed to use my DSLR with supervision and we do have a little P&S the kids are allowed to use. No cell phone, no laptop, no texting, no dates, no "pacts."

My 8 yos are allowed to ride to the neighbour's to deliver eggs. They are allowed to walk in the back bush. They are allowed to "supervise" their younger sibling when I run to the barn. They are allowed to have sleep overs at friend's houses. They are allowed to cook/bake in the kitchen with little supervision. They are taught to use the remote and may with permission turn on the television and borrow a laptop to play a game. But not many of the things you listed.
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