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Is my 6 month old weaning?

Need some mama wisdom!

My 6 month old just started to seem less interested in bf'ing. With introduction of solids, popping on and off to see this noise and that, super distracted by his chatterbox sister running around and making lots of interesting noise...he just hasn't had the same fierce interest as before.

I know that a slight decrease is expected at this age because of solids, but he use to eat both sides and nurse for about 10 minutes (he has always been super fast), now he nurses on only one side (usually) for only about 4 or 5 minutes. I have been pumping to keep my supply up, but i'm wondering if this is just going to be the norm.

Should I not be concerned and just allow him to do what is natural for him?

And just a little background. I did not EBF my first. I supplemented with formula even though I tried my very hardest to get her to EBF. Long story. But, then my supply was so sensitive that I am fearful of weaning too soon by losing my supply earlier than I want.

Any advice, wisdom, experience would be wonderful!
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