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Re: Question about OB office

Originally Posted by s@hmommy View Post
I really think you need to look into the assistance again, if you dh's income is all that you have then there is no reason you wouldn't qualify. DH made more than that with our last and, although we didn't need it, we qualified for medical assistance. With your rent that high, then having to pay other necessities, it would look like you have more going out than in. In my state that automatically qualifies you. I hope you get it figured out. We probably wouldn't be able to completely prepay our delivery either, I am happy my ob doesn't require it.
Exactly, I would look again at getting pregnancy medicaid. You can get it as a secondary insurance to your primary ( atleastt in my state) and they will pay for any charges leftover after the primary insurance pays. I had it with my first pregnancy as a secondary to my primary insurance and paid no co pays at all. At the time, I did not work and my DH made more than yours and we were only a family of 2 instead of your 3. I would seriously contact your local health dept or dept of social services and ask to speak with someone about it!!!
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