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Re: Please help me keep going...

As an update we weighed her yesterday and she was down another ounce. The LC is letting me borrow a medela pump in style for free because my Ameda isn't very good. I have an order out for a pump in style but it has a 3 week back order. My left side is around 33% scabbed and my right is 50%. I've started using a bottle to supplement with my EBM instead of the dropper because I was losing too much of the milk and she needs to gain ASAP.

Unfortunately her latch has gotten bad again probably because of the bottle and I have to keep latching her over and over and my right nipple can't handle it. For now I am trying to feed on my left and pump on my right until it can heal.

The LC said we are going to weigh her on Monday. If she doesn't gain weight the LC says we'll have to use formula and supplement. So please wish me luck that I can get her to gain on my milk alone!

Originally Posted by rachelhf7 View Post
You may have heard this already but when my LO was born my nipples bled and scabbed over. The thing that helped the most was expressing a little bit of breast milk after she nursed and putting it on each nipple then air dry. I healed within 3 days! Nothing else worked. I had to do it after every feeding though. I hope you heal quickly!! By the way, this is my second baby and this didn't happen with my first.
I am using EBM mostly with occasional herbal nipple cream. Unfortunately my nipples are pretty badly damaged and I think its going to take a while to heal.

Originally Posted by oldmomma View Post
Have you hear of the nipple shield that you use during the feedings. They saved my nursing relationship. I was eventually able to wean from them and successfully breastfeed for over a year.

No they don't cause nipple damage.
I may end up using one of those but i am hoping to avoid it. I've heard they are hard to wean from but I am glad to hear they helped you so much and you weaned successfully.

Originally Posted by cdeweese View Post
I had scabbed nipples, clogged ducts and two bouts of mastitis before 6 weeks. Latch is super important. With me, DS wasn't taking enough of the breast into his mouth. i felt like i was gagging him, but he ate so much more efficiently and i didnt hurt anymore. I hope the shield is helping you! I also sat outside in the sun shirtless to air dry (I know it's cold in January ) and that really seemed to help them heal. Disclaimer: I have a very private backyard hahaha!
Yowch! You poor thing! I am terrified of mastitis and thrush. We got the latch back on track but you are right that it felt like I was shoving tons of boob in her face.
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