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Re: what do you allow your 8 year old to do??

My 7 1/2 just got a tablet (an inexpensive tablet, certainly not a $500 iPad).
He does not have a cell phone, but honestly doesn't need one right now. When he gets to the point of going to friends houses after school and stuff, then I might get him a cheap pre-paid that he can use to call me when he's ready for a pick up, or if they are going to walk a few blocks to another friend's house etc.

My 5 yr old DOES have a digital camera, but it's a $30 kids camera.

And no, I will not let my daughter (when she turns 8) get into a "no fat pack" with her friends. I plan on teaching her about how important it is to be HEALTHY and how to stay healthy... eating the right foods, limiting unhealthy snacks and staying active.

God bless!
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