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Re: Is my 6 month old weaning?

This is just the first onset of what I call "toddleritis"... Becoming more aware of what's going on, more distractible, more energetic, more interested in playing. Solids should not constitute any noticeable part of your LO's calories yet, though. His intake might not increase anymore, but it should not significantly decrease until at least 12 months. On the other hand, it will fluctuate somewhat as he goes in and out of growth spurts. Also, mine got much more efficient at nursing as he got older - better latch, stronger, and able to gulp it down faster.

Just give him a low-stimulus environment as much as possible, continue offering to nurse as often as you did in the past, and make sure he continues to put on weight over time. Don't try to make up the extra calories with solids, they do not provide the nutrition he needs. At worst case, he may try to make up for missed calories by nursing more at night when it is dark and quiet.
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