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Re: what do you allow your 8 year old to do??

My once upon a time 8 yr olds (who are now 18 & 20) had their own cells at that age. They had them for several reasons...

safety: because one day a week they would walk 8 blocks to their Mom's house after school.

Their mom was always a drunk & it wasn't unusual for my DDs to have to call us for help from odd places - eventually she lost all visitation rights

We rode horses & dirt bikes - if any accident separated any of us we could immediately be in phone contact

We car pooled to their soccer clubs & needed them to be able to let us know they got there safely on days we did not drive.

Cells made more sense than installing a party line like I had when I was a kid so we wouldn't be bothered by them staying on our landline or cells for too long. (2 kids making 15 min calls to 3 friends each takes a while).

My 3 yr olds have iPads - they have learned so much through having them since before they were 2!!! I think ipads are the most user friendly, kid proof, safest from viruses and the like, and free child oriented apple apps don't have advertisements for things like gambling in the background like free android apps aimed at children often do.

All of my children have had cameras at young ages. I love encouraging the arts! Their pictures chronicle their day in their words & it's an amazing learning experience to watch them sequence them. They notice things in the pictures they take at events that they did not notice in person. They take pictures, print them out, & then verbally narrate stories that go along with their pics. I very highly recommend cameras for young children!!!

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