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Re: Placenta Previa

Mine was partial, but I had bleeding from 8w5d to around 20 weeks and then it finally resolved. By my 20-ish week anatomy scan it had moved completely off and now I'm at 30w5d and everything looks good to go

14w is super early in terms of placenta placement, so give it some time and do your best not to totally freak out when the bleeding happens, because it will very likely continue. I bought a doppler for this reason because it was soooooo reassuring to hear that heartbeat. Even though I knew the reason for the bleeding, it was still reassuring to hear the heartbeat and it saved me countless trips to the OB!

Hang in there mama!

ETA: My OBs office won't even diagnose any previa until 20 weeks, so my early bleeds were all attributed to a low lying placenta, even though they explained that it was partially covering the cervix. They said that so many move and resolve by 20 weeks that they don't want to diagnose it an unnecessarily label the pregnancy high-risk (although my insurance did label me high risk, but I also has other factors that complicated the matter)
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